November 20, 2011

Here's To The Night

I know that it's now a few days past but I thought I'd spill about what we did for Dan's birthday.
I felt bad for the poor kid cause he had to work all morning and then had some other things come up that just started to totally bring him down but when I got home from work I did all I could to turn that around!
I had already given him his presents the night before including the book and the caramel apple (which was super good btw!) but I saved his "love note" for the actual day of his birth.
I had been thinking all week how I was going to write it and what I was going to write to him and I finally came up with a little thing I like to call "23 things I love about you!"
Basically, this is just a super cool list of 23 things that I love about Dan to remind him of how wonderful I think he is.
He loved it!
It helped to turn the bad day around to a good one and we ended up going to dinner at Chili's with Bryan and Dan's dad, Steve.

Dan got sang to and everything! (worth it for the dessert!)
And even though I forgot the gift card (dang it), it was worth the money.

Then he got to finish his day by playing the new Call of Duty at Bryan's house (while I watched Psych on my laptop).
He also got his whole facebook wall covered with birthday wishes and a few phone call singings from family (mine and his).
I'd say he had a pretty good one, wouldn't you?

In other news, I got to have my fingernails painted by a very cute little boy a few days ago cause his sisters were having a nail party when I went to bring his mom's pans back from our Thanksgiving dinner. And, surprisingly, Trevor Rust (Dan's almost cousin) painted them quite well!

And the sunset that day was gorgeous!
I love Cedar City.


Alyssa Kaylee said...

Sounds like a fabulous day!! How'd your nails turn out? ;)

p.s. my date was fine. :) He was too old for me, and we didn't really hit it off, but that's okay. Fingers crossed that my date tomorrow will go a bit better!

Melissa said...

you look so beautiful in that pic of you and dan! and that is soooo cute that little boy painted your nails