October 7, 2011

I want my brain back

Today my brain has been trying quite hard to go on vacation before the day is over.
No, I'm not lucky enough to be going on an actual vacation of any kind this weekend (unlike my parents who skipped the state for a whole week starting today)
BUT my brain has been trying to skip out to vacation all day

Take, for example, the fact the I accidentally had the education lab lady make 33 copies of my assignment I was turning in for a class when all I really needed to have copies of was the power point slides for my presentation.
What? I have 33 extra copies of my assignment to hand in? Oh, hello, would you like a copy of my Behavior Change Project assignment even though it has nothing to do with my presentation on Emotional/Behavioral Disorders or you?
Or the fact that I did all the titles for the presentation in white so when I printed the slides none of the slide titles showed up.
What? I have no idea what you are talking about because you have no titles. Yes, I know, thank you for pointing that out... can you please write them in yourself?

AND my day is not even near over. Bummer. 

BRAIN, please come back!

1 comment:

Nathan and Kristen said...

lol! I have days like that all the time!