October 6, 2011

Hello, Winter.

So my husband is cute.
I know, I know I talk about that fact way too much, right?
BUT it's SO true. haha
Last night we were playing with Roxy on the living room floor when Dan got home from work.
Then Roxy lays on her back and Dan says, "Take a picture of this" as he proceeds to copy Roxy. haha

It made me laugh
I always feel so happy when I'm with him.
He's always making me laugh or smile
After we finished playing with Roxy, we headed to bed.
I snuggled up to him right before we both fell asleep and he hugged me and told me how much he loved me while we listened to the rain through our window.
It was perfect.
How did I get so lucky?

Speaking of rain, it's been rainy/...SNOWY here in little old Cedar!
I guess we've skipped straight from fall to winter. haha
It has only been flaking here in town but the mountains sure look pretty all snow covered.

This picture stolen from Andrew Freire on facebook. Thanks. haha

In other random news, I was am at work and I looked out the window to see these two boys doing back-flips off of the sculpture out in front of the centrum!
It was insane!
Luckily, I have a phone that takes really awesome pictures to have proof of crazy back-flippers. haha


Nathan and Kristen said...

Haha! Always love your posts! Those pictures of Dan crack me up! What a fun hubby! And those back flippers...RANDOM! haha That's kinda cool!!!

Melissa said...

how awesome, those backflippers. don't you love seeing stuff like that? and i can't believe how big roxy is! and i'm glad you love your husband :)