July 15, 2011

Ren Adventures

It seemed like this year's Ren (Renaissance) Fair was WAY lame-r than last year's.
Just not as many people or booths.
We still had fun though.
We watched the belly dancers.
They didn't get super interesting (mostly just a bunch of waggling belly jiggling) until they added in the flames.
And NO preggo belly dancers this year (as opposed to last year).AND we may not have ridden the camel this year (as opposed to last year) BUT we did still see it.We took the dogs with us.Caleb, Becca, and Erin all climbed the climbing wall.Erin and Caleb went down the bouncy slide.THEN Dan and Caleb tried to fight each other at the "free" sword fighting area but they (the fake Ren Queen and her "minions") wouldn't let them unless Dan was on his knees and only blocked Caleb's hits.
Caleb didn't like that, so they didn't do it.So, instead, we finished up the Ren Fair adventure by walking around and getting some "fair food".The roasted corn was divine ♥

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