June 14, 2011

Weekend Archives.

Back in the day (2 weekends ago), we rode up with Kara and Shaun to the northern of Utah.First, we headed up to Bluffdale for Dan's cousin, Alyssa's high school graduation dinner.It was super fun seeing Dan's side of the fam.
I love them!
Alyssa plays the harp AND she sang songs with Chelsea that were way great.
After the dinner, we spent the rest of the weekend in Payson at Dan's parents'.Cody showed us his biking skills on Saturday at the skate park.
WAY cool.
He's really good at biking.
It was fun to see that!
Dan tried biking too...While Jeremy and Kaela made out...We also went to Chuck-a-rama for lunch and looked through things we wanted to keep from storage.I got some cute owls that I love.
And Dan took home a box of Lincoln Logs. (Erin loved playing with those. Her and Dan built a whole city!)

It was a good time!

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