June 20, 2011

End. Of the week.

Friday, Dan left for Fathers and Sons camp out with our ward destined to return on Saturday.
Which left me alone. For a WHOLE night! Sad face.
So what else could I do but invite my sisters over for a sleepover??
Because nobody wants to sleep in a house all by themselves when they are used to sleeping in a house with their hubs.So after helping with Summer Games swimming
and being in charge of triplet girls while their parents were officialling (cute, yet totally crazy girls)Jasmine, Chyanne, and Kaylee
and getting snowy cones at a snowy cone place located on 800 west (just so Bec could visit a boy...)
we headed to their house to pick up sleeping bags and movies for the sleepover.
We camped out in my living room and watched The Prince and Me until we all fell asleep.

Saturday, Dan got home at 10am so I rushed home from the swimming pool and straight into his arms to give him some lovin'! (I missed him, ok??)
I had until 1230pm to return to the pool so we went on a mini-date to Subway for lunch. I loved it!
After finishing up my family's LAST year of helping at the Summer Games, I returned home and Dan and I went to the park for a night of volleyball and cheesecake for Dan's cousin Sandy's birthday.
It was so fun being with Dan's Johnson family.
AND to make it even better, the weather was perfect. No wind. Yay!

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Melissa said...

wish i was there for the sleepover:) i miss you guys!