June 30, 2011


Today, I'm WAY proud of myself.
I worked at 1pm instead of 8am so I got up anyway and got started on my LOOOONG list of things to do.
And in 5 hours, I accomplished SO much and I love that.

Things I did:
-Cleaned the kitchen (all except mopping the floors)
-Did the laundry (only 2 loads to go!)
-Cleaned the bathroom (AND mopped the floor)
-Cleaned our bedroom
-Cleaned the living room
-Vacuumed the whole house
-Folded all the blankets and sheets in our "junk room" (if only the junk room was clean...)
-Cleaned out the Jimmy
-Cleaned out the truck
-Cleaned out my parents' cooler so I could return it
-Made lunch for the boys (Husband and Shaun)
-Did my hair and makeup!

Yeah, I'm feeling good!

In other news, the parents got a new vehicle!
It's a 2001 Chevy S10 Crew Cab. Kinda like Jimmy, only truck version. (Oh yeah!)
They bought it last night just because they could.
How spontaneous are they?
Pretty awesome!
It's a sweet ride. For reals.

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Kelcie said...

Come bring that motivation to my casa!