May 16, 2011

They Tied The Knot!

This last Saturday, Bryan and Mickel were married in the St. George Temple.
Dan and I were married there almost exactly 4 months ago (we were 1 day off) and it was so wonderful to be able to attend their sealing ceremony.
As I listened to the beautiful promises of eternal marriage, I was reminded of my own sealing to Dan and it made me so happy to know I can be with him forever!
Dan got to be a groomsman for Bryan so we got to help them spend their special day, all day!
Congrats, Bryan and Mickel!
It's so fun to have more married friends.The luncheon was at Golden Corral and it was so yummy!
Then we headed back to Cedar to finish setting up the reception so it was ready to start at 6pm.
Everything looked so beautiful!
The only hitch was that the candy shelves kept falling and spilling candy all over the floor.
But after that little mishap got cleaned up, the rest of the reception went great!
(Well, aside from this psycho girl with a large crush on the groom and Steve hanging around the wedding line)
Yeah, it took about 4 tries to get this semi-normal picture of all of us below.Then it was cake cutting and dancing time...had the cake not been propped up by a giganto pile of tool, it would've plopped right off the back of the table it was so slanted.Father-Daughter DanceMother-Son Dance
First Dance
Then the real party started...Then, of course, we decorated their car ;)
After the happy couple left, we cleaned up the church and then played Mad Gab with Bryan's brothers (Jody and Bryce) and sisters (Crystal and Sheree) at Bryan and Mickel's house.
We might have also covered their bed in candies while we were there...
I've never laughed so hard in my life!
We had a great time!

But the highlight of the day?
Seeing my handsome hubby in his tux!
He looked smokin' hot! :)

What a great weekend!

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