April 14, 2011


Monday night we all (Carly, Joe, Amelia, Marianne, Steph, me, and Dan) met up at the Pizza Factory to have one last "hurrah" with Miss Marianne Croft before she left on her mission this week. It was so fun! We ate great food and then headed to Wendy's so Marianne could say goodbye to Kendra at her work place.
Marianne will be a great missionary! Good luck to her!

THEN, last night, Natalie's family came down for spring break and they all stopped by our house to say hello...SO we celebrated Natalie's birthday (April 19th) with some good friends (Anne Marie, Tambrea, Chelsie, and Becca), cookies and ice cream! It was fun! I LOVE the Wades! And Dan LOVED playing with their dog. Guess we have to get one now ;)

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