February 12, 2011

Should you shave your legs?

So yesterday (late, yesterday) was the first day in a long time (and I do mean long) that I shaved my legs. Well, it's a pain. AND Dan doesn't care...or maybe he does (he probably does). BUT he lets me decide what I do with my legs. He's sweet like that :) On that note, check out this funny picture:Anyway, back to last night. I shaved my legs because we went on a double date with Dan's brother, Jeremy, and his wife, Kaela. It was SO fun!
FIRST we went to Ninja to eat dinner. If you haven't been there, it's a Japanese Steakhouse (sushi and habachi grill). We ate at a habachi table this time and it was so entertaining! The food was amazing. We love it! If you go there and you are a sushi fan definitely go with the Dragon Roll. Mmmm! :)
NEXT, we went to a stake dance for the married wards. It was a fun little date night AND I got to wear my dress that Dan picked out for me when we were on our honeymoon in Vegas.
THEN, we rented Buried from redbox. I was un-impressed and angry after. (that's what I get for being awful and renting an 'R' rated movie...I know. Awful.)


McKeli0 said...

haha, Liz I LOVE LOVE that picture! Crack me up! Also, I am a HUGE fan of Ninja! My two fave *must haves* are the Cedar Roll - delissh!! - and the Ninja Roll. Explosions of flavor in your mouth.

McKeli0 said...

hey liz i tagged you in my blog so you should check it out!