February 10, 2011

Oh Crud.

Yes, well, I forgot (almost) that it is THURSDAY. And you all know what that means, right? Awkward and Awesome Thursday! Duh!!

So here it is:

-The way my nose whistles when I breathe.
-The scratchy almost inaudible way I said goodbye to Dan this morning (my throat was sore, ok?)
-The fact that I ate 4 cookies from the box my boss brought to share with our office. They were chocolate chocolate chunk. I couldn't resist. Yeah, I'm a pig.
-Thinking that I was prepared for my math test...until I sat down to actually take the test and I saw the problems...(the sad thing is that it was on probability and decimals. yes, 5th grade math)
-The fact that it is colder in my office than it is outdoors.
-Dinner for Schmucks. We rented it from redbox and it was awkward and weird. In a ...good way. haha
-Me having 2 posts in one day. Let's not talk about Tuesday's multiple posts...

-Getting woken up by Dan when he brought me a drink of water and gave me a kiss.
-Having NO classes today because they were canceled
-Getting most of my shopping done. (we aren't going to starve! yay!)
-Having a clean house
-Dan's text to me this morning: "hey! i love you!"
-Not having to stress about taking my math test anymore because...I already took it
-Eating yummy leftovers for lunch (hamburger helper is the bomb!)
-The fact that I now have some mini oranges in my fridge! They are so cute and yummy!
-The fact that I am going to get 8hours of work today (not excited to be at work that long but I am excited for 8hours of pay)
-It's almost my dinner break
-It's Friday Eve! (you know you're excited too)

I know, I know, today's post was slightly boring. BUT next week I'm determined to have more awkward and awesome moments! Have a happy Thursday :)

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