February 8, 2011

Bridal Pictures

Do you all feel like you are in a time warp?? Because you should. I mean, these pictures ARE all from January 8th. Yep, exactly a month ago.

Photos taken by Bruce Barclay. He's good! He's my dad!

This day:
January 8th was the day I got to go to the temple for the first time to receive my endowment. What an amazing experience! I was nervous to go because I'd been told that there was a lot to take in all at once and that I'd feel overwhelmed but as I went in and I was dressed all in white, I felt so loved and so at peace. The spirit was amazing inside the temple and being there with Dan and my family was so wonderful. I couldn't wait to go back in a week to be sealed to Dan forever! We rode down to St. George with my parents because we had planned to drive down in Jimmy but...Jimmy got a flat tire in my driveway. A BAD one, to be exact. I'm so glad that didn't keep us from making it to the temple!

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