February 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

I wish I could be one of those people who does a way awesome blog that people want to read all the time. You know, those awesome blogs that show off people's creativity that people like me waste their day (or work day) away looking at...sigh...maybe one day.

BUT you should all read this post about bathrooms that totally made me LOL (that's 'Laugh Out Loud' for those of you who don't know) because it reminded me of a fully awkward thing that happened to me while I was using the bathroom at SUU last night (the story comes later so hold your horses).

SO...I've also decided to start a little thing called Awkward and Awesome Thursdays (started by Sydney over at The Daybook). I love reading hers so I thought I'd give it a little try!

-Going to the bathroom after getting off work (at the men's basketball game) and having a random little 4 year old girl peek through the crack in the stall while I was going. Yep, she didn't just take a quick peek, she stared. For awhile. And when I came out, I wasn't the only one she looked in on. Where was this girl's mother?! (this was last night but I needed to share it AND it was indeed awkward)
-Rock climbing on the rock wall in the P.E. building for my stress management class. I have ZERO arm strength and the guy 'helping' didn't understand how freaked out I was. I was A LOT freaked out. BUT I will attribute it to the fact that we got put on the spot that was rated a 5.10 or something and the other guy said that was the hardest spot. For my partner's turn we moved to a 5.7, so that's why she did better than me...yep.
-Coming home for lunch and having to hurry and shut the door to my room because Dan and Steve got home at the exact moment that I was changing my shirt. No worries, I shut the door in time.
-Telling Dan and Steve about my rock climbing experience and having them just stare at me and ask why I thought it was so hard. Yeah...they have arm strength. They wouldn't understand.
-Talking to a girl in my math class about studying for and taking the math test next week during our regular class time. She told me she couldn't because she had a class during that time. I said "Yes, but next week we don't have to go because she gave us that time off of class so we could go to the testing center to take the test." She said, "Oh yeah! We are in the same class..." haha awkward!
-A lady came to ask how much it would cost to get her granddaughter into the gymnastics meet tomorrow night. After I told her she just stared at me and smiled until I said, "Is that all?" and she said, "Oh. Yes.", smiled, and left.
-The song called Disco Stick by Lady Gaga. Enough said.
-The people outside my window cleaning it right now...they are really close to me working...

-Waking up at 5:30am and being able to snuggle with Dan until he had to go to work at 6am
-Sleeping for another hour after he left, then showering and making it to work...almost on time ;)
-Telling my boss about the little bathroom experience during the basketball game that I explained in the 'awkward' section (he laughed pretty hard haha)
-Watching The Big Bang Theory with Dan during lunch
-Watching The Big Bang Theory and eating ice cream after Dan left instead of going to my math class (I'm a rebel)
-Being invited to Hug a Tall Person Day (February 11th) via Facebook. Yeah, my husband is tall! Cha-ching! Watch out, Dan!
-Dan is making dinner tonight :)
-We are leaving town tomorrow to watch my sisters swim at state swimming! Go Becca and Collette!

Well, that's all for now! I need to start posting the wedding stuff!


Tori Anne said...

ha ha this is all soo great! love it!!


_kArLy[*] said...

Awkward and awesome Thursdays are the best! Haha how fun! Love yours! Cute blog, cant wait to catch up on the rest of your posts!

Melissa said...

So i just want you to know that you do have a blog that people want to follow. your ordinary every day life is so fun because you make it fun. i am definately a follower of your blog. i check it every week. i need to start one. people are always telling me that i should cuz my life is apparantly so funny. haha anyway, i love your awesome and awkard idea:) cant wait to read more! p.s. i love how "in love" you and Dan are. that is so womderful!

Laura Eve said...

ha these are super great! I love the daybook, i'll have to try out awkward and awesome thursday sometime!