December 6, 2010

Something I need to work on...

So, pretty much I'm a blog-stalker.
I'll admit it. I am un-ashamed!
Anywho, part of my daily blog-stalk includes a lovely blog called "Smart, Pretty, and Awkward"
and it rocks!

This blog gave me a great tip on how to be less awkward (haha) and I loved it.
It was a great thought. One I know I definitely need to work on.
AND here it is:
Sometimes when we see people we know very well, we forget to give them a proper greeting, and instead greet them with “did you bring the package I asked you to?” or “why are you wearing that coat?” But everyone, from siblings to boyfriends (maybe especially siblings and boyfriends), deserve a proper greeting before a snappy comment is said.
And I thought to myself, "Wow, yeah, I totally do that."

Soooooo, my goal for today: Properly greet my loved ones!

Seriously though, I think it's something that a lot of people could work on.

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