December 5, 2010

shower, pjs, and my love

Bridal shower = a good time with minimal embarrassment and lots of friends and family :)
PART of the group that came

Also, this is night #2 of wearing soft pj's! They make my nights so awesome!
1. Silky pj's from Lisa. (Oh yeah, I slid around! It was awesome! Lisa made a lovely choice)

The bottoms match this top. Cute huh?

2. Fuzzy soft pj's from Dan. (I'm currently wearing and LOVING! Dan was so sweet to get me them)

Not the best picture of my face but the pants are the fuzziest, coziest things. Cute huh?

AND just so the whole world knows, only 41 more days till I marry the most wonderful, sweet, good looking guy in the universe! I love him with all my heart! :)

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