November 29, 2010

pumpkin overload

Yes, folks, if you came to my house at anytime this Thanksgiving holiday, you would have been hit with pumpkin overload.
I made pumpkin cheesecake (same one I made for Dan's birthday) and pumpkin crumble and my mom and Erin made our traditional, pumpkin pie.
It was all so SO good BUT I'm almost, ALMOST pumpkined out. ("pumpkined" is not a word. I know.)
Both of my awesome recipes come from OurBestBites (love LOVE that site) so if you'd like to check them out, then I've provided a link for the site right HERE. Yummy :)

Good things that happened this holiday:
-I had 2 Thanksgiving dinners right in a row
-Dan's brothers, Ryan and Cody, came down to have Thanksgiving with the Johnson's and they stayed with Dan so we got to hang out with them
-My family put up the Christmas tree and our house looks so ready for the Christmas season (I love it!)
-My grandparents came to our house for Thanksgiving dinner
-Steph went to Black Friday sales and got Dan and me a mini chopper, a mixer, and a small crock pot for $2 each
-I got a little bit of homework done
-I ate lots of food and got fatter :)
-We got our engagement photos done by Brooke Bryner Photography. She did a really good job making us feel comfortable and I feel like we got some great shots even though it was FREEEZING...and I fell in the snow haha I can't wait to see them this week!

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