November 22, 2010

Because I feel like complaining

  1. I hate my wisdom teeth coming in. They hurt.
  2. I hate shopping for a wedding dress. They are expensive and I can't find one I like.
  3. I hate the cold. My office is freezing right now. Seriously, I'm pretty much frozen.
  4. I hate group projects/group lesson plans/group presentations
  5. I hate when people continue to complain when there is nothing I can do to fix their problem
  6. I hate the sound of the recorder (the annoying instrument kids learn to play)
  7. I hate math tests.
  8. I hate hang nails or the skin that comes up around your fingernails and gets all sore.
  9. I hate leggings/jeggings/tight stretchy pants/etc. They are ugly.
  10. I hate my wisdom teeth coming in. They hurt... Oh. Sorry. I already mentioned that

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