October 4, 2010

Wedding Weekend

First things first, it has been raining all morning and I'm so happy about it! I really like rain; it smells good, it looks pretty, and it sounds great. Yes, I love the rain and I hope it continues to rain...with lightning because lightning makes it look that much cooler! The forecast says it's supposed to rain for a few days so I hope that happens.

Also, my cousin, Patrick got married this weekend so I got to see all of his family and that was so fun! They are the best! It's weird to think Pat's married though. It's just so crazy! And to a girl I went to high school with... what a small world, huh? But it was a fun weekend and best wishes to them in their new life together!
Friday: Family Dinner
The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Henrie
Some of my relatives at the dinner
Me holding Nate and Jaclyn's baby, Abigail
Melissa and Grandpa at the dinner
Me and Melissa
She's so adorable!
Kailey, me, and Melissa
Alex made this clothespin in woods. haha it's an on-going joke in our family

Friday: Art Project
Melissa in alien glasses
Me and Dan
Collette... haha
Melissa creating her art
Erin doing her shaving cream art
Melissa, Dan, Michael, Collette, and Erin
Food coloring hands
Me and Bec
Steph and Mike

Saturday: Wedding Reception
Melissa, me, and Steph
My mom is so cute!
Becca enjoying the food
Alex and me
Cute Kailey
Pat and Taniah's first dance
My Aunt and Uncle. Love them!
Cake cutting
Cake eating
Aunt Lori, me, and my mom
Nick, Collette, and Alex
Nick, Collette, Alex, Steph, Becca, Jac, Kailey, and Nate

Saturday: Face Painting
Alex and Melissa
Dan is so wonderful. He let my sisters and cousins paint him up
Alex and Erin decorating Dan's face
Me with Dan's tie on and paint on my hands
Becca's finished face haha
Nick is excellent at the guitar
Melissa eating a roll. haha
Me and Dan :)
General Conference was this weekend, too, and I am sad to say that I wasn't able to watch much of it on Saturday because of work and the wedding but I watched both sessions on Sunday with Dan and my family and it was the greatest. The talks were all so wonderful and watching it with Dan was so great. It was a good weekend!

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