September 29, 2010


That's right, ladies and gentlemen, only a month after they said they would, they tore down the swimming pool. So many memories! It makes me sad to know it's ACTUALLY gone! I spent half my life at that place... The new pool better rock my socks off or else!

In other news, girls night happened again last night and it was so fun! We made fruit pizzas, watched Arrested Development, talked, and laughed our heads off. Oh those girls are all so funny! Enjoy the pictures...

Steph, Kendra, and Becca making fruit pizzas
Steph and me
Anne Marie and Steph are excited to eat the fruit pizzas
Becca, Kendra, and Natalie
All of us with our creation
The fruit pizza! Yummy!
Kendra flying onto my couch
Marianne flying onto my couch
Steph flying onto the couch...and then falling onto the floor haha
Kendra attacking Marianne. Typical. haha


Mary said...

i knew apart of me did not feel right yesterday..little did i know they were ripping down the very place my teenage life revolved around... i am sad... at least i got to take korbin and quinn there once before the blew it sad....

dani mcphie said...

well funny story about that pool, its where I met blair :) ha ha I told blair he should have told the reporter that, and he said that would be awkward since I was in high school! (not that we were dating back then but ya) Dude your fruit pizzas look amazing. I can't wait till i'm off this diet!