October 20, 2010

Day 2- The meaning behind your blog name

Well, my blog name is pretty self explanitory...
and pretty bland, but I feel like it is a good explanation of what I post on my blog.

My posts are about the 'days of my life' and, obviously, with me, there is 'hardly a dull moment'
it seems like there is always something exciting or random going on in my life at one time or another...at least to me it's exciting

In other news, it's awesome cloudy/rainy days like today that I wish I had a cute umbrella to carry around cause, hello, a cute umbrella just makes the rain that much more enjoyable, of course!

Also, I'm feeling very anxious... for stuff, good stuff... to happen :)

1 comment:

Melissa said...

haha you know that picture i sent you of the cute polka dot umbrella i just got? well today it was raining like hard core and i was so excited for it just because i got to use my cute umbrella.