August 1, 2010

First things first...

I HAD to post that I had a cupcake yesterday! I thought it was too funny that I had been writing about cupcakes, cupcake shops, and wanting a cupcake and then at the baseball game in St. George yesterday (I'll write about that in a minute), I got one! It was so great!

The cupcakes were from 25 Main in St. George and they were really quite good. I'm seriously thinking that one day in the far-off future, my sisters and I should open up our own cupcake shop. That'd be so great!

In other news, I dyed my hair (as you can tell from the above picture) and it is really dark. Pretty much black... hmmm I'm sure I'll like it in a few days when it goes more of a dark brown but for now, I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Anyway, so yesterday afternoon we went to our annual Condie family reunion up at Woods Ranch and it rained so hard! But it was fun to see family that I haven't seen since last year and eat some yummy food.

After the reunion, we went home to dry off from the rain and then everyone except Steph headed to St. George for a double-header baseball game for the team there called the Roadrunners. We had a lot of fun laughing, talking with each other, quoting Ferris Buehler's Day Off (Swing batter batter, Sha-winggg battttaaaa!!), capturing the attention of a 17 year old concessions boy who Becca and Collette thought was pretty studly (SO funny! haha), eating cupcakes, and taking pictures. My family is the greatest and I love being with them!

**That is the boy from concessions. His name is Skyler haha and this picture was all thanks to my dad trying his best to fulfill the role of embarrassing his daughters by asking the boy to take this picture with them. hahaha Best ever!

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