July 9, 2010


Yes, I know, two posts in one day. BUT in my defense, the one with the clothes was what I was going to post yesterday but didn't get a chance.

Ah, but yesterday was a good day so I just have to blog about it! AND, of course, add some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

So...here is my day in a nutshell.

8am-noon: Work at the box office.
  • Becca had to take me because my Jimmy had to go into Bradshaw to get the radiator fixed so I can travel! (which reminds me, I got my new license on Wednesday. Not excited about how it turned out)
  • Did a little facebooking
  • Watched Wipeout with Shon (such a funny show)
Noon-1240pm: Dad took me to lunch.
  • We ate at Panda Express (yum!)
  • Had a good chat
  • Took mom some lunch at work
  • Busted home so I could make it to work
1-5pm: Work at the pool.
  • Pretty much uneventful
  • Very HOT, overcast, and not windy (the one day I'd like it to be windy)
  • Also, I hate it when little 12 year old boys from my neighborhood smart mouth me about the rules. Just throwing that out there...
5-630pm: Dinner at Chile's with Amber and Kayla.
  • It was fun to chat with them
  • I love those two girls!
  • My dinner was amazing
  • AND Amber is going to have a baby in January! So exciting! :) :) :)
630-7pm: Lori was at my house.
  • Lori came to get her hair trimmed up by my mom
  • She's funny
  • And Bryan totally showed up while she was there
  • I was in my swim suit still from work haha
7pm-1am: Party time.
  • First, I changed then cleaned up the kitchen while Bryan sat and talked to me
  • Second, we looked at our school schedules online and took a tour of Canada via Google Maps. Bryan was the tour guide. It was a good time haha
  • Third, I put on Steph's gladiator sandals that were about 3 sizes too big on me and we headed over to the Renaissance Fair at the Main Street Park
  • While we were parking Bry's truck, this huge gypsy man in a purple tunic drove past on a fourwheeler...weird.
  • We walked around the park awhile and saw some funky stuff. Including a pregnant belly dancing woman and a boy who hit on Stephanie with his dog puppet haha So awkward...
  • Roman was there so we hung out with him for awhile too

There she is. Pregnant belly dancer.
Sword dancer

They were totally giving Camel rides! So cool!
But I was too scared to ride it. So we took pictures instead.
The woman at this booth told Bryan this is the one he should get. I think so too haha
Bryan's mask
Roman in his cool hat and shoes
Steph's umbrella
I'm a warrior haha
Roman, Steph, and Becca
Birds of prey
With my fellow lifeguards, Roman and Miranda
Becca carried Bryan down Main Street haha but not for long
  • Fourth, we decided to walk up to Ace Hardware to get snow cones from the Tiki Shack. I'd never had one from there but I figured it had to be good since the line was going down the street for that place. AND it was good! SUPER good! I got a Horchata with coconut milk flavor. Oh my heck. I'm in love! Definitely the best snow cone I've ever eaten!
  • Fifth, we walked back to the truck and Becca drove us home after we dropped Roman off at his car.
  • Sixth, we finished up the night by watching The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (so good)
So you see, it was a good day!

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mckelmccoy15 said...

dude. the tiki shack snow cone place is HANDS DOWN theeee best snow cone place ever! they have dill pickle flavor -- it's my FAVORITE!!! AND peach; it tastes just like peacheos! i recommend the "cedar snow" one w/the snow cap and hawaiian style. just throwin that out there.