June 15, 2010

"...work sucks. I know."

Blink 182 knows what they are talking about with that line!
Honestly, though, today had to be the worst possible day at the pool as far as me having to use my senior guard "somewhat" authority to kick people out of the pool. Because I hate when people break every rule possible and act like smart-alecks just to make you the angriest you possibly can get while still remaining calm enough to be professional...and assertive at the same time. And it happened twice today. TWICE. Afternoon and evening shift. Both, of which, I worked. Lovely. And on top of that I got a sunburn on my shoulders and I'm so exhausted because I worked this morning at the box office too. And stayed up late last night.
I think I'll go to bed but I just have to vent my frustrations sometimes when 30 year old "X-men" act like they are FIVE YEARS OLD. Actually, a five year old would've acted more respectful and mature. Just sayin'.

As my Grandma Barclay says, "Good grief!" and that's an understatement!!

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