June 13, 2010

Summer Games

This last weekend/week has been pretty busy. BUT around the Utah Summer Games time, we're always busy. It comes with the territory when both your parents are in charge of Summer Games Swimming, your sisters are swimming in it, and you are in charge of ticketing for the Summer Games Opening Ceremonies. It has been really good though! Becca and Erin both swam really well, the opening ceremonies were way fun, and my parents are no longer stressed!
Also, Dan and I decided to try a long distance relationship! He's really a great guy so I hope that it continues to go as well as it is now. Can't wait to see him in a little over a week! :)
In addition to all that, we've also celebrated two birthdays, Dad's on the 7th and Mom's today! Pretty much June is our birthday month...mine is in 10 days! I'll be 21 in just ten days! CRAZY!! It feels like I was turning 18 just yesterday...
Hmmm, but here are some pictures from the USG opening ceremonies. Enjoy!

Me and Steph before it started
Bryan, Bec, and StephYes, Bryan and I are awesomeMe with Emily Chandler, Bryan, Becca, Tacey Wolf, and StephMe with "my" swim team! (I know I don't coach them anymore but I'll always claim them)Me with Taylor and Emily, two of my swimmers who were marching with soccer
The swimmers as they marched past
The sunset was BEAUTIFUL
I love this one cause we're all making different faces
After we got off work, we went and sat by my parents for the fireworks
haha My parents are the most awesome ever!
We got one of all of us
Boogie Nights lead singer. They weren't too bad this year
Watching Boogie Nights
These two boys jumped on stage and sat off the edge so the singer guy sat in between them and sang with them. It was funny
He said put your hands in the air. So everyone did. And it made for a cool picture
Kim and Alisa were super excited to watch Boogie Nights
This guy was right behind us clapping those frisbees together. He looked like those little monkey clappers. haha
Bryan jamming out
Erin and Collette
Me, Erin, and Collette
Kim and I found Mitch Grimshaw standing near us! He's so cool!
"Woah-oh, Livin' on a prayer!"
Lead singer of Boogie Nights. Yeah, we were THAT close haha
Me, Kim, and Alisa
Erin was loving it! Seriously, she sang with the guy into the mic and everything
My cute sisters
This is when Erin yelled "OMG I love you guys!" haha
Jamming out with Collette
Headbanging with Kim and Alisa

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