April 12, 2010


Ok. Well, looking over my blog posts I've realized that I like to do lists. Numbered lists to be more specific. They are fun...? Yes. So, I do them. Hope they don't get too tedious for you readers.

Also, I like the dictionary.com website. Mostly for it's word of the day thing. I love words!
Today's word of the day:


1. A new word or expression
2. A new use of a word or expression
3. The use or creation of new words or expressions
4. (Psychiatry) An invented, meaningless word used by a person with a psychiatric disorder
5. (Theology) A new view or interpretation of a scripture

Which is a great word of the day because it MEANS a new word. haha fitting! Learning new words is so fun!

Next point of interest for this post is the ward talent night we had tonight! The University 29th Ward really is the best ward ever! This last year I have loved going to church and getting to know all the people in our ward. I feel like this is the ward I'm supposed to be in. I love the bishopric and all the members. It's the best! Now...back to business. So, the ward talent show. So fun! I never realized how talented our ward is! People sang, danced, played piano, did drama, recited original poems, played the guitar, wrote songs, juggled, played the harp, and performed stand-up comedy routines. It was amazing! Stephanie and I sang a song out of the New Era for February called Be Strong while Becca played the piano for us. It was a lot of fun to do that, and if you haven't heard the song...you should! My whole family was there, along with my best friend, Natalie Wade, and we even had a good time cleaning up afterward (what with our mini dance party in the gym with Erin)!

In other news, it snowed today. Gag. The morning started out with blue skies and sunshine...lots of wind was happening but STILL it was sunny! Then the clouds started to roll in... BUT then the sun was shining again! Just when I thought it would clear up...snow came again. Oh, Cedar City weather. Bah-Hum-Bug!

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