April 11, 2010

1. Sometimes I feel like I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...
2. Seriously. I slept for 5 hours today after church and I'm still tired.
3. This feeling of tiredness happens a lot.
4. I like listening to The Script.
5. I sometimes like Taylor Swift's music. Well, ok, I like her more than sometimes. Shhh.
6. For example, Today Was a Fairytale is one of my new favorite-to-listen-to-songs.
7. The Script is pretty much one of my new favorite bands.
8. I especially like the song The Man Who Can't Be Moved. Because it's good.
9. My hair is brown again. I love it :)
10. Friends are fun, but sometimes I think my life would be easier if I were just anti-social.
11. I know that sounds weird. haha but it's truth.
12. haha I think that the Debry commercial with the guy with a broken leg is stupid. So stupid that I laugh...
13. Someone at church today asked me if I'd lost weight. I don't know if I have but I'm glad it looks like I have.
14. Random fact: I ate one meal today. and I'm not even hungry.
15. I'm SO ready for school to be out in a couple weeks

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