February 8, 2011

The Luncheon

After we were married, we headed back to Cedar to attend our wedding luncheon. Wow, was it good! The food was amazing (we had it catered by The Garden House--Chicken Cordon Bleu, vegetables, mashed potatoes, the works!), the entertainment was good (my uncle Jim and his son, Brandon, played the bagpipes for us [a family tradition], Kit Lloyd played the piano for us, and Dan's Grandpa Floyd sang a song just for us), the decorations were so pretty (my aunt Lori did them and Tambrea made our sign in book), the cake was way cute (done by Dawn Rae Smith of Fat Kid Cakes), and having all our family and close friends there was so fun! AND the best part was...we didn't have a reception! So we headed to our honeymoon after the luncheon!

The worst part? Our nasty car...Thanks a lot friends and fam...

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