July 20, 2015

Happiest Moments

Today I'm definitely feeling the love for my husband, Dan.

We were watching t.v. together tonight and some guy was walking along side his wife and said, "That was the happiest moment of my life!" about some time when he accomplished some thing (yada yada) and Dan said, "Well, obviously the wedding wasn't that great!" haha

So that got us talking about what our "happiest moments" in life were...

We both said we had a tie with two moments; our wedding day and the day we became parents. But Dan said that days didn't count; it had to be a specific moment. And for the next hour or so after that, we were able to relive our wedding day and the day Aurora was born, as we discussed some our "happiest moments" on those days.

It was perfect.

I look back on all we've been through in these short 4.5 years of marriage, and, wow, we've really had it good! I mean, like everyone, we've had our share of hard times, but I'm more in love with Dan now, than I was then, AND we now have the sweetest little girl in our lives to add to our love.

There are so many moments each day, that make me happy I married my Dan, but over the last couple days here are some reasons:

♥He has been absolutely instrumental in getting my classroom ready for the school year! Honestly, I would NOT be ready for students to be in my classroom without him!

♥We found a new show to watch called Impractical Jokers and it was so fun and relaxing to just die laughing, like really laughing, over the stupid things they do on that show. If you've never seen the show, you'll have to watch it... Dan and his friends/brothers could do the show... But really, I love laughing with Dan!

♥He is always willing to serve someone and he's so friendly. It's been great to get to know all our new neighbors, ward members, and co-workers because Dan has a way of making everyone feel like they've been good friends with him for years. He has jumped right in when anyone is in need, no matter how long he's known them and I'm so impressed.

Yeah, so there's my mushy post for the day... Don't worry... I won't make this the only blog post for the week haha

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Melissa said...

i love this mushy post. and i love you guys!