March 16, 2015

Weak? No! Week!

Well pretty much, this has been the best week and I'm super sad that it has to come to an end!

Last Sunday, I was just arriving home from an awesome weekend in Cedar with Aurora, visiting both sides of the family, taking pictures for my sisters, and attending a baby shower with some of my oldest friends. And when I got home, I got to see my handsome husband after what felt like forever!

We then spent the next few days relaxing (a.k.a. sleeping in...kinda..., staying up late, and binge watching Netflix) since I had the week off and Dan had a few days off, and it was amazing! Mostly because we had time together! We did take a break from the relaxing to have a game night with our friends, Mike and Bobbi, but that was okay because it was a blast! They are some of our favorite friends!

Dan had to work on Thursday and Friday night, but that was just stepping stones to a great weekend.

Friday, my parents came down to attend the temple, and I was lucky enough to spend some time hanging out with my sister, Steph, and my niece, Grace, since they both came along. It's been awhile since I've been able to have time with her by myself, and I didn't realize how much I missed it! I sure love that sister of mine. And little Gracie has my heart... because I'm her favorite aunt... wait... what? haha

We went to the D.I. and did some serious second-hand shopping. I got a cute shirt and Steph got a whole slew of wonderful things. It was a great time!

Saturday morning, Dan arrived home from work at 8:00am after a graveyard shift and didn't even bother going to sleep haha We headed straight into our weekend festivities.

First we watched my dad and sister, Erin, compete in a horseshoe tournament here in St. George. Aurora had fun and even found a little bench just her size on the bleachers so she spent quite some time just bouncing her bum up and down so the bleachers would come down and make noise haha

Erin and my dad both played well, my mom did some scoring, and Dan and I had fun playing with my camera.

We then left Aurora with Erin and Steph so we could go to Mesquite with Dan's family. THANK YOU FOR KEEPING OUR BABY GIRL HAPPY FOR A WHOLE NIGHT LADIES! WE LOVE YOU!! Apparently, they did all sorts of fun things while we were gone and even went to the splash pad with the babies! SO cute!

But anyway, before we left town, Dan and I did a little shopping at Rue 21. We went with the intent to buy Dan a new outfit, but we ended up buying me flip-flops. What can ya do? *wink*wink*

We then met Dan's family and our friend, Mike Nessen, at the Wal-Mart (but not before Dan and I bought more stuff... haha sunglasses for Dan, bandaids for me, and a $5 movie we've been searching for--the 1st Fast and the Furious. Boom.) and we made our way to Mesquite by caravan!

The main event of our evening, an MMA fight called Mayhem in Mesquite, wouldn't be starting until 6:00pm, so we spent a little time blowing some $$ dolla dolla bills $$ (haha) on the stupid tables at the Casa Blanca where the fight was and we were staying. It was fun to play, but I am pretty much unlucky, sooooo it's a good thing we always set a low limit on what we can play. Dan made his cash flow last a lot longer than me! And Mike, who started the night with $20ish, ended the night with $300ish. He wins!

The fights were held in a giant event tent and there was a lot of people there! We had good seats though so we could see really well and, I'll be honest with you... I totally fell in love with MMA! I'm as shocked as you! haha But really, it was the coolest thing! They are true athletes! Wow! The girls were my favorite to watch; they may be small but they can pack a punch!

And we had so much fun cheering and laughing with Dan's family. That was the best part.

After the fight got over, we cruised around the Casa Blanca and The Virgin River and we ended up seeing our friend, Steve Starley, who we haven't seen in about a year AND my cousin, Dan Barclay, who we haven't seen since the family Christmas party last year. It was great to see them both, but crazy that we have to cross state lines to reconnect! I swear, we always end up seeing someone we know in the most unlikely places.

The next morning, we all got ready and then went to The Virgin River to hit up the brunch buffet there since we all decided that spending money on the buffet for dinner at the Casa Blanca the night before was our biggest gamble of the evening... haha it was horrible.

Lucky for us, the buffet at The Virgin River was a. maze. ing. We decided we will for sure go there for brunch again! I had a made-to-order omelet and I even ate french toast and pizza on one plate. What more does a girl need?!

Do yourself a favor and follow this ranking system if you ever decide on the buffets in Mesquite:

For dinner?

Eureka: YES! YES! YES!
Casa Blanca: Noooooooope!
Virgin River: Maybe.

For brunch?

Virgin River: Your only stop. Yes.

You'll thank me later.

I basically ate way too much and after being up for 36 hours straight, Dan's food basically knocked him out! We said our goodbyes and then Dan and I drove back home. We chatted on the drive back and I drove. There was construction in The Gorge... but that was alright with me, because it meant more time to talk. I've said it before, but conversations with Dan are the best. No matter what we are discussing, I always end our chats with a greater feeling of love and appreciation for the man I call mine.

I'm in love with that man.

We were also pleased to see that things went extremely well back home while we were away. Erin and Steph are definitely hired for next time! Plus, it was fun hanging with them for a bit while Dan took a nap. I am lucky to have the sisters I do and I'm luckier to call them friends.

Dan took them back to Cedar and will be there for a few days helping his dad, Steve, with deliveries since he has started chemo therapy treatments for his cancer. (So far, so good on that end of things though!) And I'm home with Aurora so we can babysit tomorrow.

I'm counting down the days until I can meet up with him in Cedar on Tuesday! I mean, I have to go! It's the only chance I'll have to see Becca, Alex, and Lucas before they move to West Jordan!

Yeah! Alex just got a new job! I'm going to miss seeing them when we go home, but help me in wishing them luck in their new adventures!

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