February 7, 2015

A Little Less Distraction

A little bit ago while I was perusing Instagram, I came upon a friend's post... a picture of her with her young boys and her thoughts below that. The post read:

"I've been feeling really sappy about these two lately... So please excuse me while I indulge in some good ol momma sappiness. They are just my whole world and I wouldn't have it any other way. Last week I decided I needed to make some changes. I decided I was distracted by a lot of things and not able to keep my focus on what matters. One of those distractions being my phone! Yes, this social media thing... Sometimes it just sucks you in! So, alongside a couple of friends I challenged myself to only check social media when the boys are sleeping. It's been way too hard. Kind of embarrassing how hard. But probably one of the best decisions I've made in a while. I feel so much more present and feel like my head is so much more clear. Anyone else need to take this challenge?"

I 'liked' the picture and went on my way, but that thought has not gone out of my head since! I too, have been distracted, as she said, with my phone! Especially since we got new phones and I've been busy trying to get the new phone set up to my liking.

But every time I pick up my phone and Aurora is in the room, I almost cringe. I then try to justify my reasoning for picking it up by saying I'm doing it to document the moment, but as I look back at time spent on my phone, I realized I wasn't being honest about that. Half the time I'm on Facebook and that's AFTER I've already checked the stupid thing WAY more times than a person needs to in a day.

So today, after almost two weeks since my Instagram friend posted what she did, I decided to use my phone a little less and play with my Aurora a little more.
And it was beautiful.

We read.
We laughed.
We sang.
We played.
We lived.

And we did it all together.

I even pulled out my "real" (non-phone) camera and took some shots of my little reading on the big comfy red chair in our living room.

Of course, this doesn't mean I'm perfect with it.
It doesn't mean I've stopped pulling my phone out at all.
And it doesn't mean that I don't pull it out to capture a quick picture of Aurora doing something I think is wonderful, when I don't have time to go grab my normal camera.

BUT I have decided to use it less. I don't instantly whip it out every time I hear that notification from Facebook ding and I don't try to use any lull in action to mindlessly stare at the screen.

It's my work in progress and a daily goal!

And speaking of having less distractions and more face-to-face time with loved ones... tonight, my sister-in-law, Laura, watched Aurora for us so I could take some much needed time with Dan alone before he had to work the graveyard shift again tonight!
Oh it was wonderful!
Our intentions were to do some moving work for a woman in St. George who does interior design for model homes, but that plan fell through and we ended up doing a dinner date instead!

Dan took me to a Mexican restaurant on Bluff Street called El Coyote Charro. We talked, we laughed, and we ate yummy food! I loved every minute of it!

Sometimes disconnecting from our distractions is all it takes to make some real connections that we will cherish forever!

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