January 27, 2015

Baby Showering

So basically, I'm about to do a not-so-humble humble brag and say that my mom, Steph, Erin, and I threw my sister, Becca, the best jungle themed, boy baby shower ever. It was seriously so cute!

I'm feeling the need to share with you all the things we did so that in case you're ever in the market for ideas on jungle themed baby showers, you can find them!


We decided to do a Banana Split Bar for the food because, hello! What fits better with a jungle theme than bananas, right? Right!

So my mom came up with these really cute name tags for each food item that corresponded with a little animal of some sort that would kind of fit. Then we decorated the table with all sorts of animals and plants. Jungle food.

Jungle Juice-- equal parts Fruit Punch and Sprite
Flavor Falls-- Chocolate, Caramel, and Strawberry syrup
Zebra Cakes/Bites-- (we cut these into bites before the party began) Zebra Cakes
Twigs-- Pretzel sticks
Gorilla Grub-- Ice Cream
Giraffe Whip-- Whipped Topping
Lion Droppings-- M&M's
Elephant Snacks-- Nuts
Ants-- Chocolate covered raisins
Monkey Treats-- Bananas


Aside from the food table decor, my mom and sisters got really creative with the living room decor (where the main party event was happening). And I mean, really creative! They constructed a big tree (right!?) along the door to the living room, complete with balloon leaves and critters on the tree branch!

It. Was. Beautiful.


We played a total of six games. Now, before you get thinking that that would've made the party WAY too long, let me say that one of the games was done in 30 seconds, right as you got there and two were done at the same time! So... not too long. And it was fun!

A lot of the time, what I hate about shower games is that people tend to make the games super gross or embarrassing. We were having none of that. We chose games that required little movement since we had a full house, no smelling or tasting questionable things, and no measuring of the already self conscious mom-to-be's growing belly.

1. Guess How Many-- We put a number of M&M's in a jar and had everyone guess how many there were right as they walked in. Part way through the party, we checked all the answers and awarded who was closest to our total with a prize.

2. Birthing Babies-- We played this game as people were playing another game (listed as #3) when we passed each guest a mini cup with an ice cube. Each ice cube contained a miniature plastic baby that they then had to free from the ice cube by either putting the ice in their mouth or warming the cup with their hands. Whoever freed the baby first ("broke their water"), would win a prize. And remember, removing it by "c-section" (biting the ice cube) is cheating! Sorry!

3. Baby Animal Match-- As guests were breaking their water, I had them call out the answer of the baby animal name for each animal I would ask. Whoever guessed the most baby animal names, won a prize. Some of them were hard to get!

1) Poult, 2) Kit, 3) Eyas, 4) Kid, 5) Joey, 6) Tadpole, 7) Whelp, 8) Bunny, 9) Foal, 10) Lamb, 11) Duckling, 12) Kitten, 13) Puppy, 14) Fawn, 15) Cygnet, 16) Calf, 17) Cub, 18) Piglet, 19) Chick, 20) Hatchling

4. Draw That Baby!-- Each guest was given a paper plate and a drawing utensil. When said to "start", they would close their eyes and draw their best looking baby on the plate. After one minute, have them stop, initial the back of their plates, and the host will collect the plates. The mom-to-be would show the art work and then choose her favorite. The owner of the one she chose will win a prize.

5. Animal Pregnancy-- Guests were given the print out and asked to guess how many days each animal listed was pregnant for. Whoever had the most correct, won a prize.

6. Pregnancy Brain-- The host gathers together 10-20 baby items for the mom-to-be. The items are placed on a tray and guests have a total of one minute to look at and memorize what is on the tray before it is covered. Then using the back of the paper for the last game, guests will have one minute to list as many of the items that were on the tray that they can remember. The host then shows each item and whoever remembered the most items wins a prize. The mom-to-be gets to take the items from the tray home.

Gift Opening:

We thought it would be fun for each guest to share a tip or a story about raising boys for the mom-to-be since we grew up in a family of all girls. So as each gift was chosen to open, the giver would announce that it was from them and share their story or tip. It was so fun to hear all the things said about raising boys! It made Becca excited... and sometimes nervous (haha) to have a boy!

All in all, it was a wonderful success! Thanks to everyone who came!

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the Youngs said...

oh how fun, it turned out super cute! it feel's like she so due for that baby any day now lol :)