May 28, 2014

Love Those Summer Days

Around here, we are loving summer and being outside and Dan's days off.

Today consisted of:
 sleeping in/snuggling
♥ visiting our friends, Angie and Wesley, and swimming in their kiddie pool
♥ playing pool in our garage
♥ hanging out with Jeremy, Kaela, Jack, and Harlie
♥ helping my grandpa put in the swamp cooler at my parents' house
♥ starting the "spring cleaning" project of cleaning up the outside of my house and enjoying the absolutely wonderful 8:30pm temperatures of summer nights
♥ Dan going to see the new X-Men with friends while Aurora sleeps and I watch an older movie called Roxanne (if you've never seen it, watch it!)

Also, last night when Dan got off work, he helped me with a make-over project involving our plastic outdoor chairs and "peek-a-boo blue" spray paint. Ahh! I love them! Problem to be fixed? The fact that the spray paint residue rubs off on your skin...and, possibly, your clothes...  I WILL find a fix because they're too cute not to!

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