May 8, 2014


Yesterday was a rainy and windy and cold kind of stay-inside day. And it was beautiful! I loved listening to the thunder and watching the rain and hail pour down outside my window while I was making dinner. Dan took a nap after work and then we ate and went over to Jeremy and Kaela's to watch The Walking Dead (our new obsession over tv). While we were there, I asked Jack about the hail  because I'd seen him hanging out the window to catch some of it to eat. He said, "I love hail! I love hail! It's so cold; like snow!" and Kaela and I laughed because it was just a funny sounding sentence.

Also, we made peanut butter bars and they were yummy. Sweet, almost too sweet! But yummy. They were the no-bake kind and I think I like the kind you bake best... you know, like the kind that are more like a pb cookie? Yup.

So Jack is over at my house currently. He's busy making a giant mess with the linkin' logs and trying on Dan's boots while Dan is in the shower in the other room. "Look, Aunt Liz! I'm wearing Dan's shoes!" haha That kid.

Last night I was looking at my journals... well, my current journal and I'm so grateful that I've kept a journal off and on over the last 13 years because it's such a blessing to be able to look back and see all I've done and re-read all my thoughts about things. It reminds me of all the good in my life.

Speaking of all the good things... Aurora is definitely one of those! I clipped her fingernails for the first time today and she's kind of trying to sit alone. She's growing so fast! 4 months tomorrow!

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