August 7, 2012

Real Life Versions

Lately Dan has been doing a few different jobs around the community. Landscaping, helping prepare for a scrapbook warehouse sale, and working at Quizzie's (aka Quizno's). He's done more of the first two than the last one but he's sure a busy man. He loves it. And I'm loving that he's loving it!

They just got a contract with a company to do all the yards they have and another company they did a home for for The Parade of Homes last year just asked them to do another one. So yesterday, after going to lunch at Costa Vida and watching Step Up Revolution, Dan and I went to pick up his check from his Uncle Clay for helping with his scrapbook shop.

Just as we were getting there, it started raining. Down-pouring really. When we returned to our car after picking up the check, the water was up past my ankles in the parking lot! It was great! I love when it rains like that in the summer.

Sunday, on the other hand, was the perfect weather. No wind, no rain; just sunshine. And it was beautiful. It had to have been the best Sunday I've had with Dan all summer. We went to church and listened to people share their testimonies of the gospel then attended Gospel Principles with my dad as the teacher.

After church, I made us a yummy lunch and we ate it while watching countless episodes of Grey's Anatomy in our bedroom haha. Then we spent the entire rest of the day hanging out with my family at their house. It's been kinda fun living right down the street from our families. We watched Step Up 2 with my sisters, made Korean food with my parents, and then played Nerts with everyone after dinner. Oh. My. Heck. Talk about hilarious! We were laughing our heads off. AND I won the Nerts game. My card was totally the first one down! (Although my family and Dan will tell you different...) 

P.S. Check out this photo of my cousin, Jeff, on his mission in Madagascar! Yeah, those are like real life versions of King Julian from the movie, Madagascar. Soak it up, people!

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Melissa said...

i'm so jealous of ur cousin