May 29, 2012

Swing Low

This weekend we...
-braved 40 mph winds to go camping at Sand Hollow with Bryan, Mickel, Brandon, and Kristel on Friday and Saturday
-rode four wheelers non-stop (Sand dunes on Friday and Saturday with friends, Three Peaks on Saturday with Dan's family, and Cabin on Sunday and Monday with my family)
-had dutch oven chicken and potatoes (mmm!)
-lost Dan's wedding ring out of the four wheeler bag going over a small bump on the sand dunes

-helped a guy get his trailer and truck out of the sand using 3 big trucks to tow it [Dan and Brandon]
-walked in on a million people going to the bathroom or showering at Sand Hollow (NO ONE knows how to lock a door! haha)
-camped on the sand

-swam in the freezing water
-rolled the four wheeler going over a dune and possibly broke a hip [Brandon and Kristel]

-roasted marshmallows at the cabin
-played horseshoes [Dan and Dad]
-had fire roasted sweet pork burritos (mmm!)

-did a little dancing and singing [Becca and Cole] -- I said I wouldn't Facebook it. Never said I wouldn't blog it... haha
-laughed our guts out
-watched The Big Bang Theory and fell asleep for a moment while holding boiling hot chocolate... successfully spilling it on his lap and burning himself (ouch! Poor kid!) [Dan]

-worked Sunday and Monday afternoon at the movie theater [Liz]
-did a little landscaping [Dan]
-ate way too much pizza from Papa John's while Dan went four wheeling with Jeremy on Monday night [Liz]

Overall, it was pretty great!

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Nathan and Kristen said...

Now THAT sounds like a fun weekend! I'm sad about Dans ring though! I have a legit fear over losing wedding rings so maybe I'm weird haha.