April 6, 2012

Colored Eggs

So I made Dan hit up the store last night when he got off work. We were out of dog food and stuffs... so I also made him get eggs and dye while he was there. He came home with Reese's eggs (way better than normal cups), an 18-pack of eggs, and egg dye. Then we partied!  We played card games while we boiled the eggs (Dan won pretty much 90% of the time...) and then we dyed and decorated all 18 of those eggs! It was so fun! Dan even wrote me cute messages on some of the eggs ♥  It was such a good night. You know your hubby loves you when he will stay up with you till almost 2am after working a 12 hour shift... that guy... he's the best.
P.S. Happy Easter! 


Nathan and Kristen said...

That's so cute!!!! What an awesome date night!

Alyssa Kaylee said...

Awwwwh. That's the best. We're doing our eggs today.

I notice there's one missing . . . ;)