January 3, 2012

New Year

Let me just first say... HAPPY NEW YEAR, FOLKS!

I can hardly wait to see what 2012 has in store for us.
So far, it's looking to be a great year.

In sacrament meeting on Sunday, they talked goals.
When we got home I told Dan, "Honey, we haven't even set any new year's resolutions."
And I feel like that's a problem...
SO, to fix that problem, here are a few goals I came up with for this year.
I say 'a few' rather than 'a list' because I feel like a smaller set of goals will be more easily accomplished.

{Goal #1}-- NO pouting. You didn't know I was a pouter, did ya?? Well, no more of that for this girl!
{Goal #2}-- Have more lady's nights with my sisters
{Goal #3}-- Get to the temple more often with the hubby
{Goal #4}-- Read more.
{Goal #5}-- Keep my house clean and get up more wall decor


McKeL said...

You'd better post pics of your new wall decor! I'm excited to see it :)

Melissa said...

you are so not a pouter liz hahaha