December 1, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Christmas is upon us, people.
Yes, yes it is.
And I'm SO excited!

This week we brought in the season with my family by heading down south to the St. George LDS Temple to look at the Christmas lights.
It was glorious.
The temple was gorgeous and being able to spend some time with my family and Dan was just wonderful.
Dan couldn't get over the fact that roses were still in bloom on some of the bushes that were decorated with lights!

Then, today, December started out the right way with a little snow fall and 24/7 Christmas music on Star 98FM.
Lucky for me, I have a wonderful WONDERFUL hubby who gets up early to scrape the cars off and to shovel our driveway, sidewalks, and even the neighbor's driveway.
He's a sweetheart
So, to warm him up and to maybe say a little thank you, I made breakfast for us (scrambled eggs and toast) and some HOT CHOCOLATE.
Mmm, doesn't the first cup of hot chocolate in December just taste so good?

Oh, I'm so excited for this holiday season!
It will be our very first Christmas together being married and we get to make all our own, new traditions.
I can't wait!

Welcome, December!

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Nathan and Kristen said...

Seems weird to me this is your first married Christmas! You two seem like you have been married much longer! I need to go check out the lights myself this year! I think it would make a fun date night.