September 26, 2011

old vs. new: livingroom and dining edition

As you know from a previous post, we moved!
So I thought I'd post a few pictures of old house vs. new house.

That would be my old living room.
Empty, because this was moving day.
But see the ugly green carpet?
Yes, I don't miss that.
I loved the couch but it was big and a bit awkward shaped.
So without further ado, I introduce to you my new living room!

It used to have all wood floors so we got a carpet remnant that Dan put in (we love it!)
And we got the curtains and couches (which we also love!)
AND we also got a few cute plants to put on top of the fireplace
We still need to put up a few things for decoration on the walls but I am liking how it has turned out so far.

Shall we move onto the dining area?
I'd show you pics from the old dining area, but we didn't have one (no space for a table in that house)
So I give you, new dining area!

We hung up the cork board, white board, and picture thing the other day (I thought it turned out pretty good).
We've still got a few things to do (mostly, put up curtains... and get a plant for the table since that one belongs in the living room) but other than that, we're loving having a table (thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Rigby for that!)

The rest of the house will come later (outside included) since I either didn't have them cleaned at the time, they're still pretty empty, or I was lazy (probably a little of all 3 haha)
But we're loving it!
We're renting this for a year but we're hoping to stay longer than that (and we most likely will)!

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Nathan and Kristen said...

LOVE the new living room! It looks great!!! You are good at decorating!