July 26, 2011

Poison. It sucks.

And when I talk of "poison", I'm talking about the lovely game of Croquet.
Yes, when you talk of poison in that game, you talk about how anyone who is "poison" gets to whack your ball with theirs and you are out of the game!
My thoughtful hubby poison-ed me right out of the game.
And I was SO close to finishing too.
Haha oh well. We had a good time.
Mom kicked our booties.
Dan came in second.
And the rest of us?
Didn't even finish.The rest of the afternoon was followed by lots of laughter due to playing What If and having mom and dad ask us Would You Rather questions out of a book we have.
Oh, it was silly.
And totally awesome.
I love spending time with my family.

AND earlier that day we got to see this cute little babe:
{Dan holding her at the hospital}

Janelle Terry
Brandon & Krystel's 2nd.
SO cute!
I held her for about an hour.

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