July 18, 2011

The Days That Start With "S"

-Wake up + cuddle time with hubby in bed
-Shave legs (skirts require this, apparently)
-Curl hair + hubs saying with excited face "Is it our wedding day all over again?! You look really cute!"
-Putting on silky black dress from DownEast (love that thing)
-Quick iron of the temple clothes + driving Jeremy's car down to St. George for Shaun and Kara's wedding
-Beautiful all white sealing ceremony + remembering our own wedding day
-Seeing the beautiful bride and handsome groom come out of the temple
-Seeing the Christensen's there for their brother, David's wedding + Mary and Joe (brother & sister) being "prom king and queen"-Hitting up the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a Butterfinger Caramel Apple (bliss!) + driving to Hurricane for luncheon
-Driving back to Cedar to quickly pack + heading to Payson to stay the night
-Talking with mom-in-law, bro and sis-in-law + eating DELICIOUS hamburgers Dan made (mm!)

-Waking up early + driving to Provo to pick up one of Dan's old mission comps
-Driving to Park City + listening to mission stories
-Entering Heber Valley + seeing hot air balloons floating above the beautiful green fields, mountains, and clear blue water and thinking how whimsical it all looked (wishing I got a picture)
-Attending Dan's mission president's homecoming + 90% returned missionary friends and 10% actual ward members (Lots of hugs, laughing, storytelling, and reminiscing)
-Listening to talks of mission president and wife + seeing husband's happy face at seeing all his old mission pals and people he loved back in Arkansas
-Refreshments of sandwiches (yum!), cookies, carrots, and chips at their house in Park City + talking and meeting people
-The absolutely amazing view from the balcony out back
-Having time to kill after the luncheon + ending up back in Heber to visit Natalie and family (Awesome! I miss them like crazy!)
-Heading through Parley's Canyon to Salt Lake City + being proud of myself for finding Rachelle's house in West Jordan
-Seeing Rachelle and hearing mission stories + eating treats from Sweden and laughing
-Driving home + stopping in Spanish Fork to visit with dad-in-law and eating at Carl's Jr.
-Having an amazing drive home with Dan talking and enjoying being with each other
-Dan singing me songs (made-up and real) all the way home + me laughing and us singing together
-Giving Jeremy back his car and trading him for ours + seeing Tasha and Amos and eating Cake Bites (yum!)
-Getting home and going to bed with Dan + a little kissy-kissy (I love that man)

Pretty good weekend :)

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