June 2, 2011

A & A

These little cuties made my day! (Abby and Kailey while I was babysitting them)

-The awkwardly nice man I met in the birthday card aisle at Wal-mart and the awkward conversation we had about Grandma's after that...
-The lady I met (also in Wal-mart) with the Therapy dog that isn't really a therapy dog. Confused? Yes, well she said she got the vest for her "Therapy dog" on sitstay.com so that she could take her dog anywhere without question. Innovative or just weird?
-The man at the checkout stand of Wal-mart who thought he knew me...but didn't really. (Love how 3 of these have to do with Wal-mart?)
-The way Blogger is posting my stuff with so many spaces. Grr!
-Trying to eat the extra crispy chicken from KFC without a plate. Or a napkin.
-My cousin, Kailey, peeing her pants while standing right in front of the toilet. She's 3 and potty training.
Kailey: (from the bathroom while I'm putting on her sister, Abby's, shoes on in the other room) Liz! There's water!
Me: (going into the bathroom) Well, Kailey, you silly girl! You peed your pants!
Kailey: I know, Liz! I am silly! (then she laughed)
-The way my tongue feels after licking 15 envelopes. Yuck!
-Our house is dirty and smelly. For reals. We don't have even one clean dish and I'm starting to run out of clean clothes.

-Finding the Reese's that I put in the drawer at work. I forgot about that!
-Husband lined me up to teach the young men in our ward how to swim. I'm kind of excited!
-That I got called to teach 9-11 year old girls primary.
-Having our family picture on the wall of this WONDERFUL Korean restaurant in Provo called The Fusion Grill.-Playing with my cute little puppy, Roxy, all night :)
-The Chocolate Chess Pie my mom made last night and let us sample! YUMMMMY!
-The summer weather we've been having. It's beautiful in Cedar!
-We're going to the Northern of Utah tomorrow and we get to see Dan's family!

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Kelcie said...

I need to get my mom one of those vests for our dogs. Haha!
And Dave loves Chess Pie! I need to make it for him one day. Can I get the recipe your mom used?