March 21, 2011

Kiss me. K-k-kiss me

Yeah. That song (E.T. by Katy Perry) is stuck in my head. & I admit, I like it. haha!

So since I can't post tomorrow cause I actually have to do homework (gag), I will do this post tonight. Lucky you! (I do my best writing when I'm tired...but too tired to sleep)

NEWS: I read your comments & I went ahead and got my phone traded in for the Samsung Intensity II (the BRIGHT blue version, to be exact)! TA DA! So "Goodbye, Salute! Hello, Intensity II!" :) I like it better already. Besides, it can take photos called 'divided shots' (SO cool) & they are so fun to play with. See?:

Jack wasn't too thrilled to have my use him as a model
Dan, on the other hand, had fun with it
And I even got Jeremy & Kaela to give me some action shots

Also, look how cute Dan is with Jack :)

AND last but not least, for tonight's date night, Dan took me to dinner (I totally ate a BUFFALO burger-legit.) and then we went swimming (we saw Carly, Joe, & Chanel there & we played tag-SO fun-and, also, we chillaxed in the hot tub-ohhhh yeahhhh). It was a great date night :) and seeing my family PLUS Jeremy, Kaela, & Jack (check them out HERE) made it even better.

P.S. Can I just say, I have an AMAZING husband? Because I do. I was lucky to find him! ♥


Kaela said...

Dan was really cute with Jack. You know what that means! need a baby now!!!

ok...maybe not yet. I wanted to wait 5 years after I got married before I started having kids, but then when my friends started having babies I couldn't wait.

I'm really glad you found and married Dan! It's awesome to have a sister-in-law my age to hang out with! And I also love not being the only member of Jeremy's family to not be born into the family!

Liz Johnson said...

We'll use Jack as a stand-in baby for as long as we can before Dan gets too baby hungry haha but he really is cute with him :) when we do have one, he'll be a great dad.
I, also, love having a sister-in-law to hang out with! We need to do it more often