January 3, 2011

first post of the year

FIRST. You should listen to this song. It's great!

Then, you can read my babble and look at my pictures.

2011! A new year!
Can you believe that?
I seriously remember the year 2000 like it was yesterday. I remember exactly what I was doing for New Years Eve that year and where I was...everything! And that was 11 years ago. Gall, time flys. I was 11 then and totally carefree, partying it up with the family, and now, here I am, 11 years later, 21 years old, spending New Years with my fiance and his family, and getting married in just 12 days! 12 days!

This year, New Years Eve was a little different for me. Dan and I had a bridal shower given for us at his grandparents' house in Highland on New Years Day so we drove up the night before to ring in the new year with his family. It was a blast! We picked up Melissa in Spanish Fork and took her with us. It was the first time for me meeting his aunts and his cousins and it was so fun! We ate some great food, played card games, laughed our heads off, and made tons of noise to bring in the new year.
Dan and Rochelle playing Oh Heck
Bruce and Grandpa Floyd playing Oh Heck
Christina and me
Me, Melissa, and Dan
Melissa and Me
Rochelle and Carlos
Melissa kept spilling her drink so Grandma Claire went and got this plastic seat cover for her haha
So before Dan and I left, Grandma Claire got out of the tub to answer the phone and she slipped on the tile and cut her head open
She fell so hard into the tub with her shoulders and head that the ceramic tub broke! Ouch!
Melissa and Me celebrating the New Year
Paige, Mckenna, and Christina
Dan's 2 cute cousins and his sister who blew noise makers in my face, followed me around, played hide and seek with me, and pointed and yelled "ew ew ew!!" when Dan gave me a new years kiss. They are the cutest! haha

The next day was the bridal shower for Dan and me. Dan's parents came down for
it, we played a few fun games, ate some yummy food, I got to see my Grandma Barclay, Shelly, Courtney, and Crystal, and we got TONS of great gifts. We were definitely spoiled!

Me and Christina playing the dice presents game
Melissa won this present in the game
Me with one of the gifts we got (notice the enormous pile of gifts! sheesh!)
The little girls handing me the gifts to open
Dan, Alyssa, Rochelle, and Chelsea
Crystal, Courtney, and Shelly
Grandma Claire and Candace
Grandma Barclay and Me
Dan, Mckenna, Anndrea,and Chelsea all piled on top of Rochelle
Me and Melissa

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